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September 25, 2007



First, congratulations and welcome back!

You are absolutely right when it comes to "cheating." I've been struggling with that "what's one more day" thing for nearly a month now. Having lost 38 pounds eating low carb, I KNOW what the right foods to eat are but ever since coming back from a cruise last month, I've been weak in my determination to lose what I gained on the trip and get back on track.
All-or-nothing Girls UNITE. :)



Thanks for sharing your battle. It stands as another warning for myself and others to always stay on track. I'm also an "all-or-nothing" kind of guy and I know 'cheating' or 'giving in' will crash my success big-time.

One of my top LC quotes has to be Dr. Atkin's, "The 'just this one taste' rationalization is indeed the 'kiss of death' to the success of this journey to healthy living!" I say this to myself often as I want it to become a part of me.

I love the 'scoring the line in the board' analogy. And I also love Dr. Beck's analogy of the 'muscles'. Thanks again for posting such a great reminder to all of us that 'cheating' does not work; or at least it makes it extremely difficult to get back on track.

Congratulations on your LC success!

I'm linking back to this article as soon as I finish this comment.

Ron, aka 'The Former Donut Junkie'


Kate--it sure is good to see you back.
As far as the sugar thing goes----even artificially sweetened things are a problem for me. All they do is make me want more and more. Then I want to switch to the real thing. It is easier for me just to steer clear completely.


Getting back on the wagon is always a bitch, for two reasons; whilst we are enjoying our carbohydrate-laden foods we are also 1) feeding the addiction, which in turn gives us special highs via destabilzing our brain chemicals and hormones--in the short term, nothing feels more satisfying--in the long term, well you know...and 2) enjoying our freedom to not think about what we're ingesting. This one is a biggie, because eating this way (freely, without concern or constantly have to think about or choose the right foods)probably brings us all back to a less stressful, happier time in our lives when there was nary a worry about eating the wrong things.

So, yeah, it's a horror trying to get back on the wagon, giving up that freedom to not worry, and losing the good feelings accompanied by a nice carbohydrate enriched food.

You're talking to someone who took 3 days to detox from one meal at the IHOP (goddamn, I love pancakes with real maple syrup!) so you're in good company.

Let's be honest here; if you look at the world we live in, and the fact that there are plenty of people around us (friends and family) who don't have to think twice about eating carbohydrates, it does indeed make for a slightly sad existence. That's the dirty secret low-carbers don't want to speak of.
It's not easy. So, sure, you're an all-or-nothing-gal, and that's fine, because once you do correct yourself, you won't have to deal with recouping after ingesting carbohydrates; but my advice not just to you but to anyone out there reading this is to understand this: it doesn't get too much better, the yearing to be free to eat whatever you want will always be there, and living day to day this way will always require some degree of thought and improvisation.
But hey, you're not alone in this and you'll live longer and healthier for it. And I know that's something you're quite interested in.

Big Daddy D

I know how you feel. I was originally going to take off one week for a vacation. Then that grew into being more like a month and a half. I felt guilty reading other low-carb blogs and forums but didn't let myself drop out.

As you know, I have been doing a form of carb cycling. The carbing up every other weekend has not been a problem. You introduce a few carbs and you crave more. This sometimes leads to a binge. After the weekened binge, typically, I am wanting to go back to low carb. Now that my body has adjusted to low carb, I feel better when I am doing low carb than when I am eating starches and sugar. But something is different when I do high carb more than 3 days in a row. I think it takes at least that long for my body to adjust to the higher levels of macro nutrients. And once it adjusts, it expects to keep getting them.

This may be why returning from a weekend of high carb not as tough on me as returning from a week+ of high carb?



I've thought numerous times the last couple of days about that 'scoring a block of wood with a blade' analogy you used. That really turned a light on for me! That's exactly how it is. The groove becomes deeper and deeper until is extremely hard to get out of it.

And unlike BigDaddyD, above, it wouldn't take me 3 days to start the craving again. One carb-age meal is all it would take and I'd be off the wagon.

I don't have any vacations planned anytime soon, but I don't plan on using them as an excuse to 'go off plan' in the future. It's simply not worth it.

Anyhow, I just had to tell you again how much that 'groove in the board' analogy meant to me.

Ron, aka The Former Donut Junkie

Jimmy Moore

Hey Kate and welcome back to real life. :D CONGRATS on your marriage...that's one lucky guy.

As for the domino effect of eating carbs again, yep, it's like an addiction that you don't want to go on again. But once you do, the fight back to "normal" again is difficult.

But the Kate I know will be just fine as long as she gets back to plan and sticks to plan. YOU CAN DO THIS and I'm happy to help support you in your effort.

Come on by my LowCarbDiscussion.com forum for even more hands on support from LOTS of people who would love to encourage you in this journey.

GREAT to have you back, Kate! :)

Jeff Johnson

What did you expect ?

I haven't eaten sugar/fructose/others for over two years - I don't crave it - I just like having whats left of my poor teeth -

I do have - 1/2 teaspoon of honey every day - doesn't cause any problem with tooth decay -

I've related a few personal things - before getting to the your problem -

Binging - it's normal too want to eat a great deal of food - every once in a while and maybe more often than that - this isn't something that can be turned off - by low carb or any other way -

It's human - it's normal - it affects everyone to some extent and it affects fat prone people the most -

and it's not just about carbs -

it's about protein
it's about fat
and about carbs

a person needs to be able to eat a great deal of one or all of these when the need arises - and it will

for carbs -

simply eating them raw as opposed to cooked - including any seeds - solves this problem

you can eat three heads of lettuce and get pretty full

Binging on raw carbs will probably take you out of ketosis - for a while - but it wont make you gain much weight either - on an occasional basis

unsweetened bakers chocolate - eaten a little chunk at a time should satisfy at least some of your desire candy and sweets - and it taste's just fine to me -

protein -

lack of enough protein creates a hidden need for it - it builds and builds and eventually something has to happen and it will happen

you need to be able to binge on protein - when needed

and get enough on a daily basis also

150 grams for a women and 200 grams for a man is the what the daily requirement should be - minimum

the body does not need the ridiculous amount of calories stated in most calorie charts - to maintain weight

it just a waste of food -

1200-1500 with the right food is enough most days and sense binging is normal - once a week or so it would be normal also to get a bigger meal

protein source -

one egg for weight loss - and two for stable - each one eaten 12 hours apart - creates a rhythm - a single clear tone - that everything else eaten in the diet can revolve around -

if more than one egg is eaten together - this rhythm is destroyed - the clear tone becomes discordant -

the separate DNA profiles of each egg fight with one another - and cell inflammation becomes a problem and the bodies use of vitamin K becomes useless

the body needs fish protein and fats - lots and any amount of it

it needs dairy protein and some fats -

fat -

a reasonable amount of a mixed source of fats - is better suited

a small amount(10 calories) of cheese and mushrooms eaten with each and every type of protein meal -

will improve the bacterial manufacture of vitamin K in the intestinal tract - and make calcium go where it is supposed to go and not in the arterial lining enclave -

butter - a little
cheese - a little
peanut butter - one or a half tablespoon a day
some flax seed

olive oil and coconut flakes or oil -

are two fats that can be used as needed - with out harm

if you want more fat - a little more of these are the best bet

The whole point of my post - minus the lecture on eggs and such - is this

binging is normal

eating massive amounts of preferably raw carbs is normal - once in a while

eating very high protein every day should be normal

and occasionally eating even more protein is normal

eating unsweetened bakers chocolate should be the norm

eating a small amount of a mixed source of fats -

seems to work better than pigging out on cheese or gobbling butter sticks or eating the whole jar of peanut butter

at least calorie wise -

coconut flakes and olive oil seem to satisfy most fat binge urges

and leave a person satisfied with the other amounts of fats

binging on proper sources of protein - raw carbs and fats - and maybe calories

once in a while -

is necessary - is normal - it has to be done

done properly - very little if any weight is gained -

and in the end matters very little - the binging fires up the metabolism - and on your on the road again - the next day

if your not eating as much as you want - without any hunger or perverse desire - whether dieting or not

then something in your diet needs to change -

probably more protein
and probably a need for more dairy

a big tubful of no sugar/fructose yogurt or cottage cheese once in while might help satisfy some of your carb cravings

and some whey protein

Anyway - some things to ponder - before or after your thighs start to rub together

the higher protein - over the long run - will make keeping a better leaner - body composition much easier - than trying to accomplish it all by ketosis

The Migraineur

You can do it! I did. I just could not get my mind around low-carb, even though I'd been very successful in the past. This spring, it was harder - I'd eat a few nice low-carb meals then find myself raiding the snack machines for whatever junk I could find. I finally got back on track when an endocrinologist diagnosed me with PCOS, and I learned the connection between that and insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity, and infertility. I thought, gee, I'm killing myself. Suddenly it was very, very easy to give up starch and sugar again.

I'm sure you'll find the motivating factor, too. Good luck to you - have yourself a nice big fat steak with a handful of spinach.

Sneha Nirody

You've said it exactly the way I would, had I any sort of insight into my 'Off' days. Instead, I just eat off-plan till I get back in the mood - generally when the clothes are bursting.

You're awesome!

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