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October 31, 2007


G. C.

Hello - glad to find your site - I'm sure it is going to be helpful. I am very overweight and starting a low carb regime.
Just wondering if you can help me with a question: for my daily total, should I be counting the carbs in a food item...or the net carbs?
Thanks for any enlightenment you may be able to provide!

Gina C.

blog nerd

Nice site--linked to you from Jimmy's.

I'm glad I've found someone else that can clearly discriminate the diet proposed by the Kimkins plan from the heinous fraud that accompanied it.

I agree with you 100% that there are some legitimate points presented by the diet that should be discussed rationally without the same kind of knee jerk response low carb in general get directed at this version of a low carb eating plan.

I will even go a step further--there is no clear clinical evidence that very low calorie diets, particularly ones that are comprised of protein, are harmful in the long term.

For the extremely obese who face co-morbid complications, any temporary health discomforts may be far outweighed (sorry for the pun) by the instantaneous cure such approaches create for co-morbid conditions.

I am not promoting it--though I do use very low carb/low calorie approaches to burn through stalls--I'm just saying there is no compelling evidence that very low calorie diets as a temporary solution to morbid obesity are harmful.

All we have are theories. Even low carb is a theory (though I happen to believe it is the theory most likely to be true given what data exists).

Nice to "meet" you.

Kate Welch

Gina C,

Welcome to low carbing! On the carbs vs. net carbs, I would subtract for fiber but not for sugar alcohols. I think it's important to keep tracking of both total carbs and net carbs. Fiber, in my opinion, doesn't count, but sugar alcohols can impact your body and many people find they cause stalls. You may find you tolerate them just fine, however.

A good guideline for me has been to keep total carbs under 30g, and net carbs under 20g. Hope this helps!

Kate Welch

blog nerd,

Thanks! I do think there is valuable information to be gleaned from Kimmer's plan, amidst all the muck of the scamming.

She's right, in my opinion, to say toss out the veggies and cheese and low carb treats if you're stalling. That way you can add things back in and work out the culprits. It just seems a sensible way of cleaning up the diet or getting rid of bad habits that tend to sneak in.

As far as very low calorie diets go, I'm not a proponent. I think the jury's still out on long term damage, and the evidence I've seen so far points toward the negative. But if low carb has taught me anything, it's to keep an open mind about nutrition and keep up to date with the latest studies.

Nice to meet you too, and thanks for stopping by!

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