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December 15, 2007


Sweet Tart

Great post. Smart and to the point. Vegetarians like to believe that they live on higher moral ground than meat eaters. Those meat substitutes that they love so much are some of the most highly processed foods you can buy. It takes a lot of work to make soy taste like meat and it's still not nearly as delicious or healthy.


Who wants to eat meat-substitute processed garbage? That's very health conscious, not! If you want to be a vegetarian why do you need a meat-substitute?? I think I'll stick to real nutrient-dense meat!


Yeah, great points. I used to be a vegetarian through some deluded idea that it was morally better. I probably just contributed to wrecking my health. And guess what, cows still die for the cause. And guess what, I still can't eat grass either. For the people who would like to eat grass, I have no problem with that, but the attempt to make vegan into a religion, and then use any kind of bad science and political pressure to force everybody else to that philosophy, disgusts me far more than the idea of eating grass does.

Kate Welch

I think you put your finger on exactly what irks me about evangelical vegetarians. I strongly believe that current science supports the view that eating meat is essential to optimum human health. Having said that, this blog is the extent of my outreach efforts. If someone asks me about my diet, I'll explain, but I'm not on a warpath against grass-feeders.

Sue and Sweet Tart,
Thanks for pointing out how processed much of the substitute meats are. Packaged faux-meat seems like a poor substitute for a juicy steak, in terms of nutrients and taste!


Thanks - I just had a good time posting my response (even though her post is kind of old). I hope she approves my response, anyway - mine is about how I'm trying to prevent diabetes, and you can't get enough plant protein without also consuming excessive amounts of carbohydrate.


I loved, "we'll see who's alive at Christmas." I can imagine angry vegan potato famines.

I don't know about anyone else, but vegan diets make me spacey and listless. I am convinced that Whole Foods must be a mini-welfare state, sponsoring all the grass-eaters who have lost the energy to work regular jobs. Bless 'em.


You said "I also don't have the sallow complexion and the big dark circles you often see under vegetarians' eyes from iron deficiency"

This is a rather odd statement. You quite reguarly meet vegetarians? And you notice that often their complexion is shallow and their eyes have big dark circles?

Actually, how can you know right away a person is vegetarian (unless you personnally know them)? From those sallow complexions and the big dark circles?


Good answers.
I'd like to ask those vegetarians had they ever considered what would happen to all those animals raised for slaughter ( to be our lovely meals) if everyone became vegies? they'd all be put to death, having no more commecial value. Poor animals, poor farmers, poor us. I, too, preffer the slaughter to be "nicer".


"Until humans evolve a mechanism to derive nutrients from grass, perhaps we could continue to eat the ingenious devices which turn grass into nutritious protein - animals."


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