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June 01, 2008


The Bionic Broad

Fantastic post. I see why your blog is popular. My question is, why don't people listen?

Amy Dungan

Hey Kate! Great post as usual! I love the way you sum it up and I couldn't agree more. I really hate the whole "a calorie is a calorie" thinking. It's simply not logical. It's what your body does with the calories that is important, which makes the quality of the calories important.

Thomas Johnson

Nice post, the "If You Stop Following a Diet, You Will Regain Weight" section is really cool - I've always heard that phrase used as arguments against diets but never really stopped to think about.


12 months later and 35 pounds lighter, I can attest to the truth in this article. Im 46 and weigh what I weighed in High School, and have the strength and energy to play soccer 5 times a week with the 20 yr olds. ~Ben

Beef (Yum Yum)

Right on, this is the truth. I have not felt better in a long time since eating only meat and eggs.


I also agree with what you mentioned that it’s about what your body does with the calories.

I’m wondering what you and other people think. I’ve been doing some research on healthy eating and low carb diets in particular and came up with this one site called OpposingViews.com where there are debates by experts on various subjects. There is one debate called: “Are Low Carb Diets Healthy?”.

I like the idea that these people are experts in their fields, but this one guy says something that gives me pause. He says something to the effect that eating whole plant foods is associated with having good health but diets high in animal protein and fats are not. He also says that in a global sense, a sustained low carbohydrate diet which comes mainly from animal foods creates significant challenges for the planet and also other health issues for people such as antibiotic resistance.”

What do you think he means when he says that a diet which comes primarily from animal proteins is bad for the planet? That’s the first time I ever heard that. If you have time, take a look and let me know what you think by posting your comment. Thanks! http://www.opposingviews.com/questions/are-low-carb-diets-healthy


Right... On. Just the same things I've been telling people. *applause*

sylviag: People think eating animal foods is bad for the planet because of the way many food animals are raised now. What they fail to mention is that grain, bean, and large-scale annual veggie agriculture are even worse for the planet.

You have to cut down trees to plant fields. But you don't have to deforest an area to raise food animals--not even cattle. Do a Google search for the term "silvopasture."

You have to kill lots of animals unnecessarily to grow crops, because you are competing with them for the food, and the process of getting rid of them kills them, especially the insects. But with an animal herd or flock you only have to run competitors off.

They say cattle make a lot of methane, but it depends on what you feed them. And termites make a lot of methane too. What do termites eat? Fallen trees. Where do a lot of fallen trees come from these days? We cut them down to grow crops.

To say nothing of runoff from agricultural fields (plants, mind you) running down into the Gulf of Mexico and killing sea life because of nutrient imbalance. Or the carbon dioxide released when you plow a field. Or the soil erosion caused by plowing.

If we raise animals humanely and don't clear land on which to raise them, they are a long way better for the planet than fields are. I think the one kind of plant agriculture I can get behind as being eco-friendly is the fruit orchard, and then only if you don't spray it to death. Why? Because trees are perennials and you don't have to plow for them every year. Also, fruit tends to be better for people than grain is. Win-win all around.

They're working to develop perennial grain crops and I hope they never do it because grains by definition are grasses and can you imagine the ecological destruction that would cause? Ever try to eradicate a grass you don't want?

That should give you some idea of what is at stake.


Hello Kate,

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